Phase Two - Post-Launch

Cross-Project Utility, Token Game, Metaverse Development

Token Game + Cross Project Token Usage

Star Bases (Land)

Each Genesis Chain Scout is permitted to claim a Star Base for free. A Scout's private headquarters, Star Bases have unique traits that determine resource potential, technology-stage, structure capacity, and more.

Raiding and Defending

With $BANANITE resources depleting in the local galaxy, Scouts need to escort mining fleets to mining outposts in deep space to harvest $BANANITE. However, mining fleets have a maximum capacity of $BANANITE they can hold in their cargo bay and need to return home after reaching it in order to secure their $BANANITE. When returning home (claiming), mining fleets have a chance of being attacked by raider ships.
To protect their mining fleets, players can use $BANANITE to mint and deploy defensive ships to protect their mining fleets from raiders. Players can also mint and deploy raider ships to attack the mining fleets of other Scouts.
Players will be able to trade, buy, and sell their ships, or can purchase a random ship from the Tradesman.

Realms, Specialization (Spec) Paths, and Cross-Project Token Integration

In Phase Two, Realms and specialization paths will play an increasingly important role.
Realms are abstract worlds in the Chain Scouts storyline that represent and embody an external NFT collection and their respective community. For example, the Anonymice Realm.
Specialization paths are upgrades to ships/tech that players can pursue. As spec paths come from the unique tech used by each Realm's engineers, each path provides unique strengths, weaknesses, and mechanics based on their respective Realm's traits and characteristics.
Spec paths fundamentally tie in projects to the Chain Scouts ecosystem, increase the depth of the game, and the viable strategies. There are various spec paths, each of which represents usage by another project's token.
1 Project's characteristics & community --> 1 Realm --> Spec Path
Players can upgrade their ships following various spec paths by spending $BANANITE and specific projects' tokens.
E.g. Anonymice
  • Realm - Anonymice
  • Description - Like their clever builders, spaceships designed by Anonymice engineers are stealthy, agile, and quick
  • Specialization Path - Favours stealth, speed, and agility over strength and armor
  • Upgrade Requirements - $BANANITE + $CHEETH

Metaverse Integration

Metaverse development

Holders of the Chain Scouts Metaverse Pass will be airdropped a 3D Chain Scouts voxel - this will be critical for planned metaverse integrations and developments. After launch, we will purchase NFT Worlds (and Sandbox land) to begin the development of a metaverse with game modes including:
  • Factions
  • Economy Towny
  • Hunger Games
  • Bed Wars
Players will be able to compete in these games for weekly prizes, in-game perks, ranks, and special NFTs.
Within our metaverses, $BANANITE and other project's (Realm's) tokens can be used to mint items that give in-game ranks, items, and perks.

Cross-Project Metaverse Integration + Realm-Specific Factions and Towns

With certain game modes like Factions and Economy Towny, factions and towns are designed to represent the various Realms integrated into the Chain Scouts ecosystem, promoting teamwork and friendly competition within and across communities. In addition, Realms will have their own areas which can be accessed by holders of a Realm's representative project's NFTs.
Partnered projects' characters will be integrated into the Chain Scouts metaverses and be able to participate in our metaverse game modes and events.