Phase One - Launch

Minting, Expeditions, Metaverse Pass, Classes


Genesis Chain Scouts will have a series of traits, variable stats (some dependent on class), and an ability that activates during token claiming. This ability acts as a $BANANITE multiplier which is determined by the Scout's class.
$BANANITE is the utility token that powers the Chain Scouts ecosystem. Players can use different strategies to accumulate $BANANITE in preparation for [REDACTED].


Immediately after launch, Chain Scouts can be sent on expeditions (staked) to earn 5 $BANANITE per 24 hours, multiplied by the Chain Scout's class-dependent token yield multiplier.
5 $BANANITE x Token yield multiplier = $BANANITE per 24 hours

Scout Pass

Chain Scouts will be able to forge a Scout Pass (Which will be limited) using 200 $BANANITE. This entitles the holder to:
  • One 3D Chain Scouts Voxel
  • Priority access to future mints, games, and competitions
  • Re-occurring airdrops


Classes are a core trait and have will have a strong influence on many of the mechanics in the token game.
At launch, classes influence the Scout's token yield multiplier and its ability. The ability is activated upon token claiming and affects the number of tokens claimed. In phase two, classes have key roles in spaceship interaction, land interaction, and PVP.
How you strategize to play depending on your Scout(s) will determine your success and how much $BANANITE you're able to accumulate.