Whitepaper - Public Release V1.0

What is Chain Scouts?

Chain Scouts is an on-chain project that implements P2E game theory mechanics, cross-project utility, and metaverse integrations with the goal of developing a robust token ecosystem and diverse community. Two streams are developed in parallel - both heavily focus on cross-project utility integration:
  • Token Game Development
  • Metaverse Development and Integrations


Chain Scouts are 32x32 pixels in size and 100% on-chain. This means that we don't require IPFS or any external dependencies as all the metadata including the art is stored on the blockchain.

Our Goal

Chain Scouts envisions itself as the link that connects projects across the chain together and aims to develop utility and mechanics that fundamentally integrates other projects into the Chain Scouts ecosystem. By doing so, Chain Scouts aims to develop a highly engaged and active community comprised of many sub-communities - all playing, competing, and interacting with each other.


The project has several phases, with Phase One beginning at launch. In the first phase, players have the opportunity to send their Chain Scouts on expeditions (staking) to earn $BANANITE. In Phase Two (post-launch), as Scouts venture deeper into space for $BANANITE, new items/tech come into play in the form of NFTs that introduce token PVP and additional mechanics that influence the token game (e.g. raider and defensive ships) - these can be upgraded and specialized using various projects' tokens. Metaverse integration in NFT Worlds (and Sandbox) occurs in parallel where game modes like factions, hunger games, and more are developed within the Chain Scouts ecosystem. Little is known about Phase Three except that the inevitable [REDACTED] takes place.

The Origins

With the discovery of $BANANITE, humanity entered a golden age - making leaps in technological development, and expanding across the stars. However, as humanity's reliance on $BANANITE grew, supplies of it eventually dwindled, forcing miners to journey deeper into space to find adequate supplies. Unfortunately, the human body was never suited for long-distance space travel, and with the rise of pirate attacks, it was too risky to sustainably use humans to escort mining fleets.
Thus, spearheaded by private mining corporations, a new life form was genetically engineered - the Scout - a genetically modified ape, with cybernetic enhancements to make them faster, stronger, and smarter. Originally trained to escort mining fleets - as the Scouts became veterans at their jobs, they began specializing in various fields and creating their own paths. The tales of the Scout are just beginning, and there are thousands of stories yet to be told.